I grew up in Ventura, California. Then went on to UCLA, later a business, a wife, and then retired as a single man.  My life become sorta routine and then I started to travel. 


Then on my travels I fell in love with the Dominican Republic. Unlike my life in California, where every moment I could predict, here, in the DR every day is new, with not a clue what will happen next. Of course the driving is crazy and some things I miss (Diet Pepsi) but the rewards have been  worth the struggles.


Now I have lived close to 20 years in the Dominican Republic and is my favorite Caribbean Island. The life is different with people so much open, friendly and interesting (except when driving, they become a race car driver). The weather, the food (ahhh, the fruit) the scenery and of course the beaches — truly special. 


On the North coast (unlike the South) there is only one main road, you go right to Puerta Plata and left to Samana.  Cabarete/Sosua are the main tourist cities here and your villa is exactly in-between the two. SeaHorse Ranch is so unique but you will see for your-self. 


Now I'm past 70 (yikes) the Villa is probably my last hurrah.  I was fortunate enough to become  friends with the Kirkmans (owner of SeaHorse Ranch) and after building my first house 13 years ago I knew I was in love with SeaHorse Ranch. I was given  once in a life time opportunity to buy a beach front parcel in the most exclusive location during the pandemic and began building my dream home. 


My new villa sits on the last and most pristine location (beach front) in the project  Now, after almost 2 years of construction I feel we (Rolando and Ingrid, my engineer - builder - architect ) have crated a  home like no other. The patience, frustrations and money sorta drove me crazy, but now that it’s done  I feel blessed and hopefully you will share my sentiments …. 


Here is the amazing lot I bought